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FIFA 23 is now available across the world

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FIFA 23 is now available across the world

Postby MeadeDorian » Fri Mar 17, 2023 9:07 am

FIFA 23 is now available across the world, and gamers from all over are preparing for their Career Modes, and are pondering which Hidden Gems you can find within the game.

First, we must distinguish in between Hidden Gems and Wonderkids.

The former are able to have a lower Current Rating - certain of them are in the 60s - and they're also significantly less expensive than superstars such the likes of Pedri, Kylian Mbappe, and Trent Alexander-Arnold.

They are basically players that you may not even think twice about when you see them however, they do have the potential of becoming true superstars.You'd expect most of them to come in under PS10m in addition, so if you're managing a Premier League club, keep this list open when you go scouting!

FIFA 23 debuts at the top of the UK physical charts, beating FIFA 22 launch sales.Sales for this year's instalment have gone up 1,6 percent over 2021, it may sound like a tiny increase, however it is significant because it comes after two years of declining sales in the retail market in players of the FIFA franchise. And the series was already declining steadily prior to that.

Sony's consoles led FIFA 23's sales and 41% of the games sold going to PS5 which is currently the most popular selling platform in the football series with 30% going to the PS4.

The Xbox One represented 17% of all sales. This was being followed by Nintendo's Switch and the Xbox Series, both at 6percent. The launch revenues for FIFA 23 on Switch was 20% higher over FIFA 23.

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