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There's no doubt Diablo Immortal's Legendary Gem system

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There's no doubt Diablo Immortal's Legendary Gem system

Postby MeadeDorian » Fri Mar 17, 2023 9:16 am

The issue is that obtaining these highly sought-after and potent gems is only available through Legendary Crests. These crests are an expensive item that is obtainable for real money and guarantee the Legendary Gem of some kind will appear when played alongside the game's Elder Rifts. Legendary Crests are also accompanied by an opportunity to get a chance to collect the 5-Star Legendary Gem.

If you're a free-to-play player, or even one who purchases the battle pass, and a handful of one-time bundles, you'll have just a handful of Legendary Crests before you've completed the game. To earn more it is necessary to invest more money. In contrast, players who are free to play have to use Rare Crests, which do not provide any chance of having a five-star Legendary Gem .

There's no guarantee of any Legendary Gem of any kind upon completing your Elder Rift. In light of the fact that Legendary Gems are also needed to upgrade their character and players who don't have Legendary Crests could make almost no progress for several months or even years at a time when it comes to one of the key ways to boost your character.

There's no doubt Diablo Immortal's Legendary Gem system is a pay-to-win game.

The issue is apparent. The people who buy dozens and dozens of Legendary Crests will not only have more Legendary Gems compared to those purchasing, say the battle pass however, they'll also be able to collect higher amounts of the game's highly-powered 5-Star gems.

Free players, quite simply cannot be as powerful as a person who can afford several hundred dollars. Although there are technically ways for players who play for free to earn 5-Star Legendary Gems without spending money in the form craft, the process is so labor-intensive, resource-intensive, and dependent on luck, that you may consider not trying at all.

Players who invest money will be more successful than players who don't by a wide margin. It would be one thing if it only applied to PvE parts of Diablo Immortal such as dungeons, raids and Challenge Rift leaderboards. However, it's applicable to PvP as well as it is a key feature of Diablo Immortal with its new Cycle of Strife system that allows two player factions to compete against each other, and includes the addition of PvP battlegrounds.

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