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Johnathan Franklin and Eddie Lacy

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Johnathan Franklin and Eddie Lacy

Postby Dinhvand123 » Wed Sep 13, 2023 7:49 am

I LOVE THIS LEAGUE!Where do we begin?In the midst of a wild spending spree by teams with money to spend and roster holes to fill The Giants traded Odell Beckham Jr.to the Browns and the Chiefs traded star defensive end Dee Ford to the Niners!

Let's get started with the blockbuster transaction.The Giants exchanged a world-class wide receiver for Cleveland for one of the first round picks in 2019(17th overall)and a third-round 2019 selection as well as the safety Jabrill Peppers.(Btw an additional player for player trade!Yay.)Denard Robinson,Offensive weapon,Jacksonville Jaguars

The title of offensive weapon should make Denard Robinson an intriguing player to observe during training camp.The Jaguars have classified their fifth-round selection as such following the fact that Denard Robinson's former Michigan quarterback declared himself an offensive weapon in minicamps with teammates.Robinson is a shrewd player with plenty of movement in an open field and the vision for a productive football player with the Jaguars.The team's coaching staff has come up with ways to use his skills however that's what makes Robinson such a fascinating case study.

Tharold Simon,cornerback Seattle Seahawks

Tharold Simon was a bit dreadful during his final year at LSU.A solid cornerback with the ability to cover the press,Simon was constantly exposed for his inability to use quick foot and lean hips.Lucky for Simon that the Seahawks love strong,athletic cornerbacks.Simon's season as a cornerback at LSU an indication of his talent,or can the Seahawks find a way to make him an impressive cover player like they have so many other players?

Johnathan Franklin and Eddie Lacy,Running backs,Green Bay Packers

Fantasy football players will be watching the Packers running back's situation with a close eye through the training camp and the preseason.Rookies Eddie Lacy and Johnathan Franklin are likely to share the load of the Green Bay backfield as they have different strengths.But one of these running backs may be able to separate himself during the preseason.

Quanterus Smith,Defensive end/Outside linebacker,Denver Broncos

Quanterus Smith would have earned more pre-draft buzz if he didn't tear his ACL near the end to his season as a senior.Smith is one of the most technically advanced players in the draft class,however the Broncos are hoping he maintains his explosiveness following his season-ending knee injury.Is he able to be a part of training camp?If so,how successful will he be?

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